Are you a winter enthusiast eager to slap on skis and shred down a snow hill? Are you looking to have fond experiences with your family that extend beyond Christmastime?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list we put together of five ways to enjoy winter at locations in and around Brampton. Some may surprise you.

Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing

The first three things on the list are skiing, snowboarding and tubing. These are all popular recreational activities for Canadians across the nation who anticipate the fun even the first bit of snow brings.

You don’t need to go to Narnia or some other winter wonderland far far away to enjoy these activities, either. Tucked away right here in Brampton, is Chinguacousy Park Ski Slopes, perfect for beginners and those seasoned to the sport, complete with gear rentals and a ski lift. You can practice your slaloms on skis, rip through on a snowboard, or even fly down these hills on a tube. (9050 Bramalea Road)

If you’re craving the beauty and thrill of a real mountain, however, Narnia is not as far away as one might have anticipated. Just less than two hours north of downtown Brampton, near the southern tip of Georgian Bay, is Blue Mountain Resort. Blue Mountain is worth the weekend getaway, but also close enough for a day trip. They have beautiful slopes for tubing, skiing and snowboarding. They have great deals for beginners, for day passes or evening passes, complete with gear rental, and instructors, with access to ten of their beginner slopes, from bunny hills, to get your snow legs, to courses with higher ski lifts for a loftier view. (190 Gord Canning Drive, The Blue Mountains, ON)

Outdoor Skating:

The fourth thing on our list is strapping blades on your feet and greeting the winter ice. It’s almost expected for Canadians, like a Tim Hortons stop on a road trip. If you’re new to this recreational activity though, no problem. Programs for learning how to skate and for sharpening your skills, run at covered outdoor Gore Meadows rink, and at most indoor public rinks.

The city’s outdoor public ice rinks and trails are: Gage Park ice circuit, Chinguacousy Park ice trail/pond, Mount Pleasant ice rink, and the roofed ice rink at Gore Meadows. Have a look at the full list of rinks and check out programs running this winter season, for beginners and seasoned skaters of all ages. 


Finally, we have hiking. After you’ve taken in the beautiful autumn leaves, be prepared to experience the beautity and scope of a winter wonderland at your own pace. Have a look at our featured article for 12 hiking trails worth checking out this winter season.

Here in Brampton, there’s the Claireville Conservation Area, which is like Manhattan’s Central Park in the GTA, only more varied in flora and topography, giving you sheer cliffs to enjoy wide views. (8180 Highway 50)

And just past Hamilton, about an hour and a half away from downtown Brampton, is Dundas Valley Conservation Area, with its sweeping evergreen views and frozen waterways. (650 Governors Road, Dundas, ON)