Brampton’s municipal election is fast approaching, and trying to stay on top of all the candidates can be challenging. When Brampton voters take to the polls on October 22, they’ll have to vote for four different candidates — Regional Councillor, City Councillor, Peel District School Board Trustee and Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board Trustee.

It’s overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming, to try and gather information about all the candidates running from their various websites. If you’re looking to get to know your candidates a bit faster, a bunch of different organizations across Brampton are putting in the work to help voters stay informed. Here are 5 different ways to learn more about the candidates running.

Bramptonist‘s candidate profiles

Bramptonist has set up an election webpage here to provide daily updates and it features all the candidates. Candidates have filled out a standard questionnaire provided by Bramptonist and each one of them will be featured on the page for easy browsing.

Reddit AMAs with Mayoral Candidates

Brampton Reddit reached out to all the Brampton mayoral candidates, and those who responded will participating in live AMAs (Ask Me Anything). All you have to do is hop online to the Brampton Reddit and you can ask the candidates anything you want anonymously. The AMAs are scheduled for various dates in September but even if you miss the live question period, they will stay on Brampton’s Reddit so you can use it as a way to get to know your candidates.

Brampton Focus Mayoral Debate

Local organization Brampton Focus is hosting a live debate with the top mayoral candidates at The Rose theatre on September 25. The top four candidates — Linda Jeffrey, Patrick Brown, John Sprovieri and Bal Gosal — will participate. It’s a good opportunity to get some face time with the mayoral candidates, and any others who attend to watch the debate.

Follow Brampton Votes

Brampton Votes, a community group, is hoping to boost engagement by covering the election. They’ve released a bunch of video content on their Facebook Page including interviews and announcements with various candidates.

Brampton Board of Trade Debates

The Brampton Board of Trade (BBoT) has hosted live debates for each ward, which can be viewed on its Facebook page. BBoT already hosted debates with those running for city councillor in each ward, as well as with the top 5 mayoral candidates (as voted on by BBoT members). On October 1 BBoT will be live on Facebook with the regional candidates from each ward for debates as well.