Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are convenient and often cheaper than regular taxi services. But they also come with some risks. Here are six tips from Peel Regional Police to stay safe if you’re a ridesharing customer.

1. Share your travel details

If you’re travelling through ridesharing, shoot a quick text to a friend or family member to let them know your location. Both Uber and Lyft give you the option to send live updates about your location while on your ride. It’s always a good idea to make sure someone knows where you are.

2. Confirm you’re getting in the right car

Before you hop right into a car you think is your Uber, confirm the type of car and the license plate before you hop in. Even better, confirm the name of your driver too.

3. Double check with the driver

For even more security, ask the driver exactly who they’re picking up before you get in. Make sure they can provide you with confirmation of your name and the address the car is going to.

4. Sit in the backseat

When given the option always opt to sit in the backseat of an Uber or Lyft. This puts a little bit of distance between you and the driver should things get physical or escalate in any way.

5. Stay alert and aware

While on your trip, stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Track your route to ensure your driver is staying on track and following the instructions provided through the app.

6. Keep your personal information private

It’s natural to respond when a driver strikes up a conversation with you, but make sure you’re not sharing key pieces of personal information with your driver — they are a stranger after all.