Many people think going to the library means you’re off to find a book to read, use the computer, or find a quiet place to study after school. But what you may not know is that your Brampton Library card gives you access to a ton of other cool stuff too. Let’s take a look at what your library card gets you, other than lots of street cred.

1. Access e-books and audiobooks

With technology becoming an ever-larger part of our daily lives, it is apparent we want to partake in reading, but want to do it more conveniently. Not to worry: Brampton Library provides access to the e-books and audiobooks you want through cloudLibrary. It’s available as an app so you can access these titles through your smartphone. There are thousands of titles to choose from, including plenty of recent ones too. Get started with cloudLibrary here.

2. Read magazines for free

Brampton Library provides access to full-length magazines and newspapers on all devices through PressReader and RBdigital. So the next time you’re out and plan to buy a magazine, you might want to turn to your the library and get your hookup. Your wallet will appreciate it. Get started with both RBDigital and PressReader right here.

3. Access and

Through and, you can take courses for free. Learn a new skill in your free time in a bunch of different areas including business, design, technology and more. Usually you’d have to pay to access both websites, but with your card, it’s completely free.

4. Download free music

We all love our music, and love it even more if it’s free. While it may sound too good to be true, you can stream 24/7 or download music through Freegal. They even have videos and some audiobooks, too. How cool is that?! Grab your library card and head over to Freegal right now to check it out.

5. Join a reading club

If you like meeting new people and reading, then this is for you. The Brampton Library hosts reading clubs for kids, teens, and adults throughout the summer. Not to mention the year-round Adult Reading club for those looking for a regular social activity to add to their calendars.

6. Stream tons of movies

Brampton Library has a service called Kanopy that lets you stream all kinds of movies from popular films to documentaries and more. All you have to do to get started is have your library card ready and click here. It’s that easy.

So don’t hesitate, head down to your nearest branch and get a card and start enjoying these awesome perks!