Brampton Transit is notorious for being able to foil any carefully laid plans, and if you’re frequent user, you’ve pretty much learned that you need to expect the unexpected. Generally you can count on decent service, but on those days where you think your day absolutely couldn’t get any worse, Brampton Transit will come along and ruin your entire life even more.

1. When you make it to the stop just as the bus is pulling awayrunning-after-the-bus

2. When you need to get somewhere on time and the bus picks that day to prove it runs on absolutely no schedule at alllate

3. When you have places to go and your bus driver decides to idle for all of eternitytumblr_ly9q9wnMi51qi38f1

4. When you’ve had a long day and can’t even get a seatrunning-to-get-a-seat

5. When the driver sees you running for the bus but leaves anyway, and you’re left wheezing like you just ran a marathon26862113

6. When they don’t even bother to clear the snow from bus shelters so you’re stuck with wet socks and cold feetxl1jlYou just keep on being you, Brampton Transit.