As we enjoy the festive holiday season, Brampton Fire & Emergency Services reminds us of ways we can keep ourselves and our homes safe.

They have tweeted several tips to #CelebrateSafely this season and we’ve put them together in one convenient guide.

Tip 1: Portable heaters

  • When using portable heaters, give them adequate space.
  • Keep them at least one metre (about three feet) away from anything that can burn.

Tip 2: Electrical cords

  • Make sure the electrical cords for decorations are not broken or frayed.
  • Remember, extension cords are for temporary power use, not for appliances.

Tip 3: Fire Escape Plan

  • Go through your fire escape plan with your family members.
  • Make sure your guests over the holidays know where your meeting place is after escaping, so everyone can be accounted for.

Tip 4: Smoke Alarms

  • Making your holiday to-do list? Don’t forget to add testing your smoke alarms so you can celebrate safety this season.
  • If you don’t have carbon monoxide or smoke alarms, or suspect yours may be faulty, call or visit the Fire Division (225 Central Park Drive).

Tip 5: Pet Safety

  • Pets can sometimes knock over decorations (or maybe even your full Christmas tree!) so keep pets away from candles, stovetops, lamps, space heaters and electric decorations.
  • Watch pets to make sure they don’t chew through electrical cords. Have any damage or problems checked by a professional, or replace any pet-damaged items.

Tip 6: Christmas Trees

  • For both artificial and real Christmas trees, check your lights for any fraying or damage. It is a good idea to check all lights, especially those near curtains.
  • Water your real Christmas tree daily. Real trees get very dry in indoor climates and can become a fire hazard.

Tip 7: Christmas Cooking

  • Just remember to stay in your kitchen when cooking this holiday season.
  • Do not leave cooking unattended. Have a kitchen party while you’re at it.

For more information, see the Fire & Emergency Services post here.

To reach Brampton Fire and Emergency Services in a NON-EMERGENCY situation, dial 311 if you’re within the city, or if you’re outside, dial: 905-874-2000, or 905-874-2130 (teletypewriter or text telephone). For EMERGENCY situations dial 911, and declare your emergency a fire emergency.