8 Online Content Creators From Brampton You Should Be Following

Social media no doubt plays a prominent role in the lives of most people these days, which gives us access to more and more content. It can be a daunting task to sift through it all and find things that catch your eye. Luckily there are plenty of creative and talented content creators that hail from Brampton. Here’s a list of 9 you should follow.

1. 4YallEnt | Over 500K Subscribers

Straight out of Brampton, these four friends turned their love of making people laugh into weekly comedy skits about Jamaican culture, dating experiences, everyday situations and more. Brothers Jermaine and Trevaunn Richards made their first skits in 2011. Now, joined by twins Duwayne and Durran Ferguson, 4YallEnt continues to grow its reach worldwide.

Check out 4YallEnt on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.


2. Jessii Vee | Over 700K Subscribers

At 22, Jessii has already created a brand for herself and her work. Her weekly videos discuss topics on a wide scale from relationships, school, life hiccups and traveling. She also sells her own merchandise like signed photographs and colour bracelets. Check her out here.

Find Jessii on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat (jessiivee).



3. Brampton Boys | Over 50K Subscribers

Sanjeev and Ranvir’s comedy channel is on the rise. With new, relatable videos coming out every Tuesday, these Brampton boys continue to show how consistency goes a long way.

Check out them out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


4. Adelaine Morin | Over 1.8M Subscribers

Adelaine also known as C0OK1EMONSTER is a YouTube sensation. Her channel shares tips and tricks for all types of life hacks, but has a strong focus on makeup. At just 18 years old, this web star has already racked up over a million followers. Adelaine’s videos drop on Thursdays and Sundays.

Check her out on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (AdelaineMorin)


5. YouTwoTV | Over 300K Subscribers

Harjit and Jaz dropped their first internet video in February 2016. They talk about relationships and annoyances, but are mainly focused around making their audience laugh. They also include vlogs and behind-the-scenes footage of how they put their videos together. To kick off 2017, the pair recently announced in 2017 they are a couple!

Check them out on YouTube, FaceBook, Jaz’s Instagram and Harjit’s Instagram.


6. TheSandylion | Over 65K Followers

Instagrammer Sandylion is known for her fashion sense. As a consultant and stylist, Sandy offers a glimpse into today’s hottest styles. Whether you’re on a budget or have endless buckets of money, she shares tons of tips on how to add versatility to your wardrobe. Sandy also makes it incredibly easy to find out where she gets her clothing so you can find it, too.

Check out her Instagram.

7. Kay Ray | Over 16K Subscribers

Not only is KayRay a YouTuber with a huge fan base, she also dances, models and acts. Her videos run the gamut from funny to serious, and not only that, but she even makes short films! Her series Anarkali about a South Asian girl trying to find the man of her dreams is also totally binge-worthy.

Check her out on YouTube, Facebook, or her personal blog.


8. Rupi Kaur | 878K Followers

Based in Brampton, Rupi Kaur is a spoken word poet and author who’s developed an international audience. She is known for her 2014 New York Times bestseller Milk and Honey. Kaur constantly works on seeing the good in people and then shedding light on positivity. Her work often speaks to the struggles women. Her poetry will take you through a whirlwind of emotion, but you’ll come out on the other side feeling renewed.

Check her out on Facebook, Instagram or on her website.

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