Looking for a music refresh? Why not stack your next playlist with some talented artists hailing from right here in Brampton? Here’s a list of 8 songs you’ll definitely want on your next playlist.

Futurists – The Junction

The Junction belongs on any Brampton inspired playlist. This upbeat alternative track is a great place to start.

Outlaws – Alessia Cara

Brampton-born Alessia Cara’s latest EP Four Pink Walls is filled with a lineup of flawless tracks. Outlaws, an upbeat number with a strong Amy Winehouse vibe is a keeper.

Uptown – Derin Falana

Brampton rapper Derin Felana also known as The Flan dropped his debut mixtape this year with a lineup of impressive tracks. Uptown just happens to be one of our favourites. Check out The full mixtape titled 905 here.

Free – Anderson

Anderson, an up-and-coming artist, recently released his debut EP Young Wise & Gifted. Free, a track about freeing yourself from the bonds and expectations of society. We dig it!

 I’m Yours – Alessia Cara

Another track on Alessia’s EP Four Pink WallsI’m Yours is a song about unexpectedly falling for someone. You’ll be singing it by heart in no time. Do yourself a favour and just purchase the full EP, it will be well worth it.

Kiri Kiri Kiri – Orca

Kiri Kiri Kiri is the second track on Orca’s latest album Midnight Comedown, a stellar collection of tracks for any mood. This particular track is an upbeat, head nodding alternative track. Check out the full album here.

Wit’ It by Derin Falana

The Flan hasn’t slowed down since the release of his debut mixtape 905. Wit It, a recent release is the perfect head bopping, car cruising beat.

Commotion Hour by Kody Cove

Brampton native Kody Cove recently released 32/23 Mixalbum, his latest project. The entire project has a strong old school vibe, this track in particular is reminiscent of the golden era hip hop days.

Check out our full Brampton playlist on Spotify here. Did we miss any playlist worthy artists? Let us know in the comments below.