The smart home industry has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, giving us the ability to control music, lights, garage doors and other things at home with just a few taps on a phone or with a voice prompt.

A Brampton-based startup is using some of the same tech to level up one of the most important and often forgotten items in your home — the furnace filter.

The company,, just launched ALVI, a product that brings cleaner, better air to homes, and which changes how we interact with our furnaces.

ALVI uses a HEPA filter to deliver better air quality to the home, but unlike other filters, it also uses artificial intelligence to send insights to your smartphone on the quality of the air, when to change your filter and how much energy you’re saving.

Company co-founder Devin Rampaul says its been too long since the furnace filter industry was disrupted, and their product is bringing it into the 21st century with some new tech. “About a year ago I noticed that innovation was happening in every corner of the home except for the furnace room, so I decided to change that,” he says.

ALVI also takes the guesswork out of when to clean your furnace filter by sending alerts directly to your phone. Changing your filter on time can save you money on energy costs and increase the lifespan of your furnace.

ALVI is the world’s first furnace filter that uses artificial intelligence. It’s compatible with smart home systems like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, with the option to ask questions about the air quality in your home, and how many days until your next filter change. says the ALVI is a whole home solution and that it’s a lot more practical and economical than having an air purifier in every room of the home.

Compared to AI-inspired air purifiers on the market, the ALVI is way more economical. The ALVI unit is $397 USD, compared to $649 USD for a Dyson air purifier. ALVI’S ongoing costs also come up cheaper, with a replacement cartridge required every 4-6 months for $24.99 USD, compared to $99 USD every 4-6 months for a Dyson filter.

ALVI is now launched on Indegogo and early adopters of the product can snag a unit and their first filter for $289 USD.