It was a decisive win for Patrick Brown last night, receiving a major mandate from voters to continue as Brampton’s Mayor for his second term.


October 25, 2022

(Photo: Re-elected Mayor Patrick Brown and his wife Genevieve)

In 2018, Patrick Brown narrowly beat Linda Jeffrey by 3,901 votes. Last night, receiving a major mandate, Brown was way out front from the first returning poll. He received more votes than the 5 other mayoralty candidates combined.

It was clear that the voters wanted more Patrick Brown, who spearheaded new investments in Brampton, which included a new fully functional hospital, a new medical school, free transit for seniors, better GO train service…and the list goes on. Many voters also appreciated the four years of zero property tax increases.

The American-style mudslinging campaign did not work. Attempts to smear his name with unsubstantiated allegations failed. Hired professional campaign strategists could not break down the connections Brown had established with the diverse communities of Brampton. Many analysts predicted that, if it wasn’t for the municipal election landing on the same day as Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas, Browns majority win would have been greater.

Other Notable Wins

It was clear that many Brampton voters awarded the 6 of the 7 incumbent candidates in this municipal election, having been satisfied with the City Council priorities last term.

Returning to City Council are:

  • Regional Councillor Wards 1 & 5: Paul Vicente
  • Regional Councillor Wards 2 & 6: Michael Palleschi
  • Regional Councillor Wards 3 & 4: Martin Medeiros
  • Regional Councillor Wards 7 & 8: Pat Fortini
  • City Councillor Wards 1 & 5: Rowena Santos
  • City Councillor Wards 9 & 10: Harkirat Singh

The exception was in Regional Councillor Wards 9 & 10 where Gurpreet Dhillon lost by 227 votes to newcomer Gurpartap Singh Toor. The third party 74Nos had a devasting impact on Dhillon’s chances, with their campaign to “Stand Up for Women” slogan.

In addition to Gurpartap Toor, the other newcomers to Council are:

  • City Councillor Wards 2 & 6: Navjit Kaur Brar
  • City Councillor Wards 3 & 4: Dennis Keenan
  • City Councillor Wards 7 & 8: Rod Power

Congratulations to the new 2022 Brampton City Council and thank you to all candidates who put their name on the ballot.