Bubble tea spots have been popping up across Brampton the past couple of years. First there was Bean & Pearl, then Chatime, then the iconic Kin Kin Bakery & Bubble Tea opened a second location at Bramalea City Centre.

Now another spot is joining the crew. Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is the world’s largest bubble tea store with more than 3,000 locations worldwide. With over a dozen locations in Ontario, including Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga and Richmond Hill, the bubble tea chain has now opened a new store here in Brampton.

Coco Fresh joint has opened up in the north food court in Bramalea City Centre. The tea and juice chain has all sorts of products ranging from fresh fruit tea, milk tea, milk and chocolate Drinks, fresh fruit drinks, slushes and smoothies.

So far, the chain has attracted a lot of attention here in Brampton, and it’s no surprise given that most people have encountered the brand at some point. It doesn’t hurt that Coco Fresh’s teas and juices are downright delicious too. With the store being this popular so quickly, maybe we’ll get lucky and the chain will open more locations here in Brampton in the near future.