Popular Canadian artist Wendy William Watt will be bringing her world-renowned and celebrity-endorsed Big Love Ball installation to Toronto this summer. But, it will first be housed inside the Bramalea City Centre from July 4 – 7 in the Hudson’s Bay Court.

The Big Love Ball is a conceptual art and a mashup of Love + Design + Art as well as an activation and interaction. The installation will also feature 15 five foot tall white Big Love Balls with the word ‘Love’ emboldened on them.

Wendy Williams Watt created the Big Love Ball to deliver a physical expression of a feeling when people genuinely interact with open hearts. She also created it as a visual metaphor in her desire to express love for humanity.

“We all want to declare how we feel. And I am certain there is no lack of love and empathy amongst us. I do feel that we are apprehensive to express love for fear of rejection,” says Watt. “My goal has been to create public gestures that chip away at the bedrock of cynicism in which we currently find ourselves. We’re bombarded with platitudes surrounding love so I’m offering something different in order to keep the conversation going. Big Love Ball is impossible to ignore.”

Watt’s Big Love Ball has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and broadcast television programs such as The Los Angeles Times, Hello! Canada, The Globe and Mail, Good Morning America and The Today Show.

Feature image: Bob Garlick