If you’re a lover of desserts, especially ice cream, you’re going to dig Holy Shakes, a new gourmet milkshake bar tht just opeed a new location in Brampton.

Holy Shakes is already popular in Toronto and has made the rounds at festivals and events around the Greater Toronto Area and now they officially have a brick and mortar in Brampton.

Holy Shakes doesn’t just serve up your standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshake, they’ve come up with some more creative concoctions.

Enjoy a Snickers shake, a red velvet shake, Ferrero Rocher or even Dulce De Leche. Part of the menu is dedicated to shakes with an Indian twist, including ras malai, burfi and gulkaland flavours. All shakes come in retro milk bottles for a unique touch.

Holy Shakes also offers milkshakes for events like birthdays and weddings — because who doesn’t want milkshake bar at their wedding?

Holy Shakes Brampton is located at 10 Gillingham Drive, Unit 11.