If there’s one thing Brampton needs, it’s condos. The city is one of the fastest growing in Canada, and lots of houses are being built to keep up with that growth, but condos and high-rise apartments still remain pretty scarce on the local market.

Things seem to be taking a turn — a bunch of condos and rental apartment developments were announced in 2018, and that trend is continuing into 2019. The latest development — named Redwood Station — is slated to be built just next door to Brampton GO.

The new development is now under construction at 45 Railroad Street in what was once a heritage building.

The development will have 365 suites in two towers at 25 and 27 stories high. The towers will be primarily 2 bedroom units and the rest will be bachelor, 1, and 3 bedroom suites.

Both towers will also have the standard amenities — a gym, party rooms, common areas and lounge spaces.

While the buildings will have the feel of luxury condos, they won’t actually be for sale. Instead, they will be apartment units for rent. The building is still in its early days of development so no rental rates have been determined as yet. Those will be released at a later date and will reflect the housing market’s prices at the time of completion.

Given the Redwood Station’s close proximity to transit and other amenities like Gage Park, The Rose, and Garden Square, this development is expected to be popular.