Update: Hobo changed its name to Dutch Love in August, 2020 after people expressed distaste towards the Hobo name.

Hobo Cannabis Company (Hobo) recently opened the second cannabis store in Brampton (the other being Ganjika House), and the company’s fifth store in Ontario and twelfth Canadian retail location.

The new store is located in Bramalea at 14 Lisa Street, near Dixie Road and Queen Street). A statement released by Hobo says that the 2,000 square-foot store will have a similar atmosphere to its other locations around the country. The store environment aims to make a trip to Hobo “disarming, compassionate, and human”.

Hobo offers consumers a selection of five cannabis intents: Move (THC dominant), Lift (THC leaning), Balance (equal parts THC to CBD), Calm (CBD dominant), and Rest (THC dominant). For more information, visit https://hobo.ca.