This November the skies in Brampton will be twinkling because another stunning meteor shower will make an appearance.

The Leonid meteor shower will bring a little bit of magic to the night skies this month. It will be visible from Brampton and across the rest of the country. says skywatchers can expect to see at least 15 meteors make their way across the sky. The shower will be most visible on the night of Saturday, November 17 and into the early morning on Sunday, November 18.

The Leonid meteor shower happens every year because of the earth’s rotation and because the planet meets up with the comet Tempel-Tuttle. The shower is made up of bits of dust, ice, and debris from outer space. The gravel-sized pieces collide with earth’s atmosphere to create bright meteors.

It’s always good to catch the show on the outskirts of Brampton or in the middle of nowhere for the best view, but the shower should be bright enough see from major cities.