It’s an unconventional way to come into the world, but a Brampton woman found herself giving birth to her baby in the backseat of a car Wednesday, just steps away from the emergency room at Brampton Civic.

On the bitterly cold morning with temperatures hovering around -25, with the mother of the baby labouring in the backseat, the father frantically drove to the hospital.

Once they arrived at Brampton Civic the father-to-be left to get help and came back to his baby already born right in the car. “When I came back to the car my wife was holding the baby in her palm and rubbing her back,” he said in an interview with City.

One of the ER doctors on the team of health professionals who assisted the woman says the hospital is prepared for instances like these, though this was a unique situation.

“We have what’s called a code pink and we’re prepared for any emergency with a newborn,” the doctor told City. “The mom was already giving birth in the backseat of the car and we finished the job.”

Despite the ordeal, baby girl Amber is doing well and so is her mother after the harrowing experience.

You can check out the City News piece below.

Source: City News