Restaurant openings, up-and-coming hotspots, best-of lists. We bring news, opinion, entertainment and culture content to the 18-35s living in Brampton.

We keep it light — our fun, engaging content is not only shaping how people see Brampton, but it’s also encouraging them to explore the city, interact with it in new and exciting ways and sparking important dialogue.


Editor-In-Chief. Perpetual go-getter and lover of cats. Get in touch at editor@bramptonist.com
Beverly is the Managing Editor of Bramptonist as well as a publicist working with local small businesses, authors and comic book creators.
Leslie is an animal lover, a music maven and a horror movie junkie. She created and managed Popshifter from 2007 – 2017, and in addition to writing for Bramptonist, she also contributes to Biff Bam Pop, Diabolique Magazine, Everything Is Scary, Modern Horrors, Rue Morgue and more.
Radha is the is the on-air correspondent and manages strategic growth. She also writes about food and everything related to food. Prior experience includes CTV Toronto, Global TV and Rogers TV. Get in touch with her at radha@bramptonist.com.
Blogger, Techi and Software Developer with an eye on politics.
Reporter focusing cities, urban affairs, and transportation. Know something interesting? Contact me at divyeshm07@gmail.com.

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