This Adorable Little Café is Just on the Outskirts of Brampton

Independent cafés are a tough find in Brampton. There’s plenty of Starbucks, Tim’s, Second Cup and Timothy’s to go around, but not nearly enough independently owned, mom and pop places.

Independent cafés, though rare, do exist though. Butter & Cup is located just off of Kennedy Rd and Mayfield on the outskirts of North Brampton. It’s a gem to say the least.

The little café is cozy. Their menu is an eclectic mixup of baked goods, both savoury and sweet, sandwiches, salads and soups. Everything is made fresh in-house and it shows in the quality and taste. The chives and cheese scone is particularly delicious.

Their caffeine lineup is pretty extensive as well, a hard to find thing outside of coffee chains. They offer coffee, espresso, mochas, machiatos and cappuccino.

The menu is ever-changing, with daily and weekly specials you can keep track of through their Instagram.

This little gem is a great quiet little spot to hunker down and escape the hustle and bustle to get some work done or to read a good book.

They sell a small collection of works by local artists and to top off its quaint, adorableness, Butter & Cup also runs adult arts and crafts classes on a monthly basis.

Butter & Cup Bakery & Coffee Co is located at 218 Dougall Avenue in Caledon.