Africville Stories is Order of Canada recipient Joe Sealy’s new presentation that expands on his 1997 Juno Award-winning recording, Africville Suite.

Africville tells the true story of a settlement that was established in 1847 on the shores of Bedford Basin at the north end of Halifax. It was Canada’s oldest black community, but in the 1960’s it was demolished as an “urban improvement” measure.

The stories of George Dixon, Joe Louis, Portia White, and Duke Ellington combine to create the legacy of this unique Canadian community.

Joe Sealy has had a highly successful career as a musician, composer, recording artist, and radio broadcaster. He has presented Africville Suite in concert venues and at music festivals in Canada as well as in Denmark, Norway, and the US.

Sealy will be performing Africville Stories with guest artists Jackie Richardson and his longtime music partner Paul Novotny, the latter of whom Sealy has worked with extensively in the past.

This performance will be playing at The Rose Theatre on February 2 at 8 pm. Tickets can be purchased here.