Careers in customer service, insurance underwriting, and manufacturing at risk

January 2, 2023 – Artificial intelligence (AI) will likely replace humans in key industries, such as customer service, insurance underwriting, and manufacturing, according to Peter Bergen a CNN opinion writer.

In a recent piece, Bergen discusses the capabilities of artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, which is able to generate coherent essays and op-eds in seconds.

Bergen tests ChatGPT by asking it to write an op-ed in his style, and while the resulting article was impressive, it did contain some factual errors.

These mistakes are attributed to the fact that ChatGPT was created in 2021 and may not have knowledge of current events.

Bergen also poses a historical question about the role of women in the French Revolution to ChatGPT, and while the answer it provided was not entirely accurate, it did “suggest a future in which college students will likely be able to submit long and complicated papers that are entirely generated by AI.

This raises questions about the value of a liberal arts education and the purpose of going to college at all.

As AI tools continue to improve it becomes more difficult to distinguish AI-written content from human-generated content.

As a result, Bergen expresses concern about the potential for his own writing career to be replaced by AI in the future.

While AI-generated op-eds may contain factual errors just like those written by humans, they are not subject to the same fact-checking process.

Bergen concludes by stating that this presents a “dystopian future” for writers and professors.