June 3, 2022


Brampton City Council should be forewarned…the Ontario Progressive Conservatives are moving into Brampton for the next four years.

The ballots have been counted, the results are in, and all of Brampton’s provincial ridings have selected Ontario Progressive Conservatives to represent them. The four NDP incumbents were all voted out.

Regardless of Brampton Council’s anti-development antics, with this PC sweep, Highway 413 will proceed. Public transit will grow. And a third fully functioning city hospital will open.

The newly elected PCs are:

  • Brampton West – Amarjot Sandhu (PC)
  • Brampton East – Hardeep Grewal (PC)
  • Brampton South – Prabmeet Sarkaria (PC)
  • Brampton North – Graham McGregor (PC)
  • Brampton Centre – Charmaine Williams (PC)

Overall, with PC Prabmeet Sarkaria retaining his seat, the remaining four Brampton ridings were taken away from all of the NDP incumbents.

With municipalities being creatures of the province, and with a strong majority, perhaps it is time to abolish the over-inflated Peel Regional government and restore confidence at Brampton City Council.