An Ontario Town is Being Transformed Into The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

This coming fall you’ll finally be able to live your dream of going to Hogwarts! An entire town in South Western Ontario is being completely transformed for a three-day festival dedicated to Harry Potter.

Goderich Ontario, which is about a 2 hour drive from Brampton, is hosting the festival from October 13-15 later this year. All muggles welcome!

They’ll have lots of activities for die-hard fans to enjoy including:

  • Official Quidditch Canada matches for Goderich’s Cup
  • Unofficial Quidditch matches for the Marauder’s Cup
  • Live performances by The Lovegoods and Tonks, as well as The Aurors
  • Lots vendors and participating businesses, including a craft wand shop
  • A Poly-Wizard Tournament
  • A House challenge
  • A scavenger hunt, and lots more.

Tickets are $15 an $20 and can be purchased in advance. Get the full details here.