Peel Regional Police are warning residents about another extortionist phone scam that has been targeting Bramptonians.

The scam is similar to others before — the victims are told their family members are under investigation due to outstanding taxes or a police investigation and that their status in Canada could be in jeopardy.

The person calling claims to be from various bodies — the government, the police, immigration Canada or Canada Revenue Agency. The caller then demands immediate payment of an outstanding balance.

The caller asks for payment through Western Union, Money Gram, prepaid credit cards or in some cases Bitcoin and iTunes gift cards.

Peel Police have made it clear that government agencies do not ask for or accept payment in any of the above forms, nor will they contact anyone and demand payment to maintain Canadian status.

In some cases the perpetrators use ID spoofing to look like they are calling from a legitimate government body, so the police also warn that members of the public take the time to verify the claims.

For more information about frauds visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website at