This App Makes it Easier to Fight Your Traffic Tickets

A new app from a Brampton-based startup called Proffered makes it easier to find a paralegal to fight your traffic tickets from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere at any time.

Proferred is an Uber-style app. It allows you to pick a lawyer with the help of reviews and ratings, pay your fees, and get updates on your case through your phone.

Founder of the app, Anusan Guruna, came up with the idea in his college years. Wanting to test how the market would respond, Guruna took the leap and started a website.

When he saw the heavy demand growth even without a marketing campaign, he decided to create an app for the IPhone. Since then it’s been full steam ahead.

How it works

You create a profile or log in through Facebook, upload your parking ticket, and answer a few yes or no questions. There are tons of legal professionals to choose from across Canada and the United States.

The app is free to use and to post a parking ticket. Once the legal professional makes the offer for helping you with your ticket, you can decide whether to accept or decline it. The app allows you to ask questions, make comments and even negotiate the prce.

Once you decide who you’d like to represent you, a retainer is signed through the app using your finger. Pretty cool right?

The app has a stipulation that the legal professional doesn’t get paid unless you win. Getting your ticket lowered is considered a win, which may or may not work for you depending on the cost of the ticket and the amount you’re paying the legal professional.

But factor in the increase of your insurance premiums and the loss of demerit points, and it’s likely going to be worth your time and money to hire a professional through Proferred.

Regardless, the app offers a low-cost option to clients looking for legal representation to fight traffic tickets, which is pretty cool. The inly thing the app doesn’t cover is parking ticket, for those you’re on your own.

For more information check out the Proffered Facebook page here.