Multidisciplinary Art is an area that blends several disciplines together to formulate a new field of art. An artist who has a wide range of knowledge and a deep interest in working with a variety of materials, coupled with a fasciation on how those materials can be blended to work together is what defines this category that otherwise is not easily contained by the traditional categories of art. 

Semone Rajkumar is a dedicated multidisciplinary artist from Brampton, a graduate from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpture and Installation, and with a practice that explores materiality (i.e. the nature of the materials she works with). Preferring to exercise her sense of touch, Rajkumar loves to use her hands working with materials such as metal, wood, wax, plastics and castings. Growing up with a father as a welder, she had his careful guidance and professional tools available to learn from and practice with. It’s no surprise to learn that she is now commissioned to create 3D objects for her clients.

Rajkumar’s art practice is one of deep exploration into themes of identity, self-development and heritage. She was born in Trinidad and immigrated to Canada at the age of five. Since then her journey as a practicing artist and as co-founder of a not-for-profit arts community known as the ‘BrownTownGirls’ has have provided her with art making and art coordinating space and platforms that help her both stay connected to her cultural background and also live as a first-generation Canadian.  

She transfers her cultural exploration and the emotions it provokes into visual art forms. Her creations reflect her process, which includes her love of listening to and singing soulful music and her connection to her home, parents and heritage. 

Rajkumar currently works as a studio technician at a bronze-casting foundry, specializing in fine art. She still uses her brush toward painting creations and recently her artistic pursuits are about her fasciation with costumes. This has led her towards making wearable art. Painting on denim, hand-beading and creating magnificent headpieces that are particularly inspired by her family background and Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. 

In the showcase of her headpieces, the surrounding frame of visuals and the sightlines are both important details to the artist. Rajkumar says they enhance the overall experience of her works. Even the model’s facial expression and stance while modelling the art are important to her.

Rajkumar’s art practice is about the transference of energy from the art to the person looking at the art. She always seeks to cause feelings or a possibility of reflection in the viewer.  

When she remembers her challenging pathway to art school, it was a grade eight teacher who helped spark a passion for creating and gave her the encouragement to keep up the art practice and her work will be on gallery walls one day. 

Fast forward to today and Rajkumar’s CV includes sculptures, installations and paint artworks shown on gallery walls; in 2017 at Beaux Arts Brampton during the Sedulous Selfie Exhibit, in 2018 at Visual Arts Mississauga during the Art of Dialogue and this year at 187 Augusta in Toronto during the Metanoia Show. 

Safe to say that teacher’s encouragement continues to hold true — Rajkumar’s works will no doubt continue to be on gallery walls. Find out more about Rajkumar and her works at

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