Fine artists make art using a combination of skill and imagination. They demonstrate this through their drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative arts.

Kulpreet Rana is a fine artist who was born in Punjab and now lives in Brampton. He began his visual art practice at the age of 10 when he would often draw and sketch during his school recess. These days he paints in oil or acrylic colours and mixed media.

Rana graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Jammu and comes from a long line of artists: he and his father, sister and uncles stay involved in theatre arts, poetry writing and fine art painting. Since 2010, Rana and his family have planned, facilitated and participated in an annual, one day Cultural Festival in Punjab, India, with the interest to keep art accessible to all people. It is a free public art event, to provide fostering, learning, and exploration of life and what it means to live it.

Rana is influenced by historical and current intellectual leaders that have been, or seek to be, revolutionary toward social concerns that affect people as a whole. His artworks take a critical view of the social matrix, as well as current political and cultural issues. Rana is always reading up on current events and absorbing the culture that takes place around him, imagining how one part of living life can impact the other parts of human existence.

This is what he considers his creative process, this cycle that takes place within him, and although the topic and his thoughts evolve and change at different times during his journey, it always culminates into the visual expressions Rana uses to illustrate his emotions, convey his thoughts, and inspirations.

Currently, Kulpreet Rana has a solo exhibition on display in the Main Gallery at Beaux Arts Brampton, titled “Face to Face”. The showcase features a portrait series of Rana’s heroes: poets, celebrities and the objects associated with them—all originating and in context from his birthplace of Punjab.

Rana presents his countrymen, philosophers and social reformers that are consistently on the trail to broadcast the social, economic, religious and political imperatives that did or will determine the quality of life in general. There are many stories behind each piece of art and the conversations they inspire ignite social interaction. Be sure to learn more about Kulpreet Rana by visiting his Facebook page here, or by stopping into Beaux Arts Brampton’s gallery at 70-74 Main Street North.

It was Picasso who is quoted as saying that “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Rana and artists like him who persist with their artistry on a professional level as adults are driven by a deep-rooted passion and a desire for expression. They carry on with hope and help heighten awareness for issues that impact the world around every one of us.

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