When Harper tried to be relatable but it was just creepy

It’s pretty much like when your dad tries to be cool, but isn’t successful. It’s a weird and quite frankly, a little bit sad.

When CPC candidate Jerry Bance was caught peeing in a mug

The resulting online response to these shenanigans are not to be understated.


When it became glaringly obvious the Harper didn’t vet his candidates well

Late into the game various Conservative candidates were dropping like flies. Jerry Bance’s #peegate debacle wasn’t the only cause for scandal that resulted in a Conservative candidate being dropped. Tim Dutard  CPC candidate in Toronto-Danforth was also ousted for making sexually explicit and discriminatory prank calls on youtube. There’s also the issue of Jagdish Grewal who was dropped for touting therapies that turn gay youth straight.

Photo: National Post

When Vader joined the race and we were all happy there was a candidate we could finally get behind because, Sith LordQ4Q8b5v

When Tom Mulcair became a Minecraft character and the boxy likeness was actually kind of on point

When Elizabeth May totally wasn’t afraid to take shots at Harper during the Leader’s debate. “You sold us down the river in Asia.”

In middle school this would generally be the moment where the whole class goes “ooooooooo”.


When Harper and Ford came out as besties and nobody was really surprised about it

The world according to Harper: Marijuana = bad. Crack = grey area

Elizabeth May’s Badassery

Nobody can hold Elizabeth May down. When excluded from the Globe & Mail leaders debate on the economy, she decided to host her own live stream online. She responded in real time to Harper’s, Mulcair’s and Trudeau’s comments and frankly she had the last say, because well, they couldn’t exactly rebut over live stream. So, Elizabeth May FTW!

When Hamilton NDP candidate didn’t know what Aushwitz was and everybody was like…

Hamilton NDP candidate Alex Johnstone came under fire for not knowing what Aushwitz was and even made reference to phallic symbols in relation to it. The situation got even worse when it was revealed Johnstone is a school board trustee.


When a Jack-O-Lantern voted and everyone was totall chill about it

Voters turned up to polling stations wearing various face coverings–including a wrestling mask and a pumpkin–to show their disdain for the niqab debate that dominated a lot of Election 42 conversation,pumpkin

When East Coasters came out to vote because, lobsters.

When Canada wanted change and got itunnamed (2)

When everybody was jealous their national leaders aren’t nearly as good-looking as Canada’s

Be jealous world, be jealous.


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