The best dosas in Brampton are a delicious feast of lentil and rice crepes filled with all sorts of goodness — curry, potatoes, spices, cheese and even chocolate. Dosas are usually accompanied with sambar, a tangy lentil soup with vegetables, as well as various chutneys such as coconut, tomato and mint.

Now that you’ve got the basics, here’s list of the best Dosa joints in Brampton.

Chaats n Dosa

Opened back in November at 205 Van Kirk Dr., Chaats n Dosa serves long, crunchy dosas. The Mysore Masala Dosa ($8) is a crowd fave. It’s coated with a mildly spicy paste and stuffed with sweet and savoury mashed potatoes, fried onions and ground nuts. Dosas are served with a sweet tomato chutney, a cold coconut chutney and a generous portion of sambar.


Located at 10086 Hurontario St, Annalakshmi lets you customize your dosa by levels of spice, crispiness and oil. The dosas are served hot and fresh with mint, coconut and tomato chutnies and sambar. Annalakshmi also has rava dosas, chef specials and a kids menu with a chocolate dosa, but who says adults can’t indulge too?

Yarl Dosa Corner

The small eatery at 83 Kennedy Rd S, serves over 33 varieties of dosa and 9 combinations for kids. The Masala Dosa ($8) is filling. It’s stuffed with bright yellow mashed potatoes and comes with a side of traditional South Indian tart sambar, as well as both coconut and red chutney. It’s all served on steel plates, mimicking the feel of typical breakfast eateries in Chennai.


The special dosa list at Kalpataru is long and varied. Situated at 120 Clementine Dr, it serves evenly thin, crispy dosas, including the standard masala and chili cheese varieties, all for around $10. Dosas come with sides of sambar, coconut chutney, tomato chutney and sweetened plain yogurt.

Madras Restaurant

If you’d like a taste of a truly traditional South Indian dosa, Madras restaurant has your fix. Located at 2280 Bovaird Dr. East, it has a variety, including a popular butter chicken dosa ($11). The restaurant has the ambiance of a Madrasi breakfast joint, complete with South Indian film icons on the walls.

Thinusha Take Out And Catering

Thinusha Take out and catering at 107 Kennedy Rd S. will give you a dosa on the go. The plain dosa ($5) is perfect for the spice lover. The coconut chutney and eggplant sambar is not traditional, but still manages to hit all the right flavor notes.