This popular breakfast and all-day street food in Trinidad and Tobago, doubles, have put the islands on the food map of the world. The fried flatbread (bara) usually comes stuffed with chickpeas, shrimp, chicken and a tamarind sauce, with pepper sauce on the side for good measure. Brampton has some pretty good doubles, and here are the best in the city.

Drupati’s Doubles & Roti Shop

Located at 10671 Chinguacousy Road, Drupati’s has doubles for everyone’s taste. If you like it mild or spicy, meat or vegetarian, they will make it for you. The hot channa (a type of chick pea curry) is sandwiched between two fresh bara. Perfect for a quick treat while dining or on the run.

Lena’s Roti & Doubles

For doubles rich in flavour stop by Lena’s Roti & Doubles at 100 Maritime Ontario Blvd. Lena’s doubles are a big, sloppy, mildly spicy treat. The sauce is both hot and sweet and Lena’s can add heat to your preference. Have napkins at the ready when you enjoy this mouthful.

Alima’s Roti & Pastry

If you need food on the go, stop by Alima’s, but be aware that there may be a crowd waiting for the roti and the doubles. Tucked away at 13 Kenview Boulevard, this takeout joint serves soft, fluffy bara filled with satisfying, but not-too-heavy channa. 

Lynn’s Buccoo Reef Restaurant

Lynn’s Buccoo Reef Restaurant brings a lot of warmth to the cold winters of Brampton. Hidden away at 3-284 Orenda Road, the restaurant serves its doubles with a heaping of mild channa. The tamarind sauce is a must-try for those who love a tart taste. The pepper adds heat and dimension to the dish, and it’s an essential if you can handle it.

Radica’s Hot & Spicy Restaurant

Radica’s says it all in the name. The restaurant, at 2-263 Queen Street East, offers chicken, goat, shrimp or vegetarian doubles and gets them to you fresh, warm and delicious. Both the meat and veg options are tender and filled with flavour.

Vishnu’s Doubles & Roti Shop

Vishnu’s doubles are served open, making it easier to roll according to your preference. The bara is crunchy on the outside with a soft centre. The channa is full of clean flavors, light sweet, and served with grated cucumber on the top. A set of 3 doubles will keep you satisfied for a long time. You’ll find Vishnu’s at 10215 Kennedy Road North.

Authentic Trini Foods

Authentic Trini Foods has doubles at its takeout counter at 1650 Williams Parkway. This spot offer soft, palm-sized doubles. Throw some pepper sauce on these soft, channa-filled treats and enjoy.