There are many types of caffeine drinkers in this world – the Starbucks aficionado, the straightforward one cream, one sugar coffee consumer, the indie coffee hipster, the “Redbull gives you wings” all-nighter enthusiast, and the casual tea latte lover.

Whatever your fancy, Brampton has a handful of locally-owned cafes that offer real lattes and espresso so you can get options outside of the typical coffee conglomerates.

Sweet Breeze

This Polish cafe is cute and has a calm atmosphere. It has a nice selection of desserts, including crepes, eclairs, cheesecakes and other baked goods. And of course take your pick of coffees, teas, and espresso alongside something sweet and tasty.

Bean & Pearl

Following its recent opening, Bean & Pearl has quickly become a Brampton hotspot. Serving not only caffeinated beverages like espresso and lattes, but bubble tea as well, this spot is great for catching up with friends, and gushing over their drink menu. Who wouldn’t want a Friday special of a large classic milk tea for $4?

Trish Juice

Trish Juice might be your one-stop shop for all drinks. Bubble tea? Smoothies? Freshly squeezed juices? Espresso? Organic Fair Trade Coffee? Healthy Quick Shots? They have it all. With its clean, minimalist seating area and fragrant smell from all of the fresh fruit, it’s a good place to sit, chat and have an espresso, or whatever drink you fancy.

T by Daniel

A place where a flattering adjective is always written on your cup with your name, T by Daniel has become a hotspot for tea in Brampton. While they don’t serve coffee, there’s a good chance you’ll be converted to a tea lover upon visiting here. Who needs coffee when you’ve got their creamy, delicious signature drink the Lion Chai? They also serve up a bunch of other tea and tea lattes which are all good in their own right.

Butter & Cup

Serving as a bakery and coffee shop, Butter & Cup has whatever your heart desires: cappuccinos, lattes, brewed coffee, iced coffee, freshly-baked items, savoury sandwiches and soups. It sometimes has a live music night, which combined with an atmosphere nice enough for you to get some work done, this place may just have it all.