Nothing makes you feel how fall makes you feel, surrounded by earthy tones as a pleasant breeze weaves its way through the leaves.

Fall colours are usually expected to peak in the Greater Toronto Area and Peel Region between the end of September to mid-October, but colours persist as more leaves fall toward the end of October.

You don’t need to go very far, because Brampton has select locations brimming with colour, worthy of plenty of memories and postable moments.

We’ve put together a list for you, starting from the closest location from the Brampton downtown core to the furthest. Asterisks are an estimate of the density of deciduous trees available in the area, with three asterisks denoting the most density on this list. 

Gage Park *

5 Main St S., 0-minute drive from Brampton downtown core.

We start with the smallest: Gage Park, the forest gem in the downtown core. The park is home to many events year-round and its trail is a paved central circuit surrounded by some of the oldest trees in the city.

El Dorado Park **

8520 Creditview Rd, 10-minute drive from Brampton downtown core.

This park is tucked away off to the west and features naturally forested areas on the banks of the Credit River.

Chinguacousy Park *

9050 Bramalea Rd, 15-minute drive from Brampton downtown core.

Like Gage Park, Chinguacousy Park is home to many events all year long. It is larger than Gage Park and has several accessible trails.

Conservation Drive Park ***

26 Conservation Dr., 15-minute drive from Brampton downtown core.

The Etobicoke Creek flows through the park southward through downtown Brampton. It is one of the most densely forested areas in Brampton – and therefore a prime place to experience fall colours!

White Spruce Park *

10302 Heart Lake Rd., 15-minute drive from Brampton downtown core.

The park is located to the South of the Heart Lake Conservation Area. Some trails are paved. Enjoy the fall with your canine companions – as this is one of the few parks that boasts a fenced-in area for leash-free dog time!

Heart Lake Conservation Area ***

10818 Heart Lake Rd., 15-minute drive from Brampton downtown core.

This park boasts dense forested areas and also has amenities like a fitness trail and treetop trekking activities and courses. Explore the colour change of the canopies from their height in rapid pace via new zip lines! Then unwind by taking trail walks across beautiful log bridges. 

Claireville Conservation Area ***

8180 Hwy. 50, 25-minute drive from Brampton downtown core

Clairville is aptly named an “urban oasis” offering vast expanses of scenic natural beauty surrounded by cities within the Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area. You could call it Ontario’s Central Park, as it is roughly the same size as the Manhattan green space, but with a far more varied landscape. Claireville boasts a massive size of 340 hectares, preserved for local wildlife and flora, with the Humber River and its tributaries running the length of it. The landscape varies from wetlands to grasslands with forests and valleys – offering a vast variety of foliage and terrain, making for unique experiences of adventure and postable moments that are sure to win you bragging rights!

Reference Brampton’s Guide to Parks & Recreational Trails and the downloadable PDF guide for more detailed information on forested walking trails and forested driving routes in the city.

Upload your photos unto the parks’ webpages to help the city and Peel Region showcase the beautiful Garden City of Brampton.