Brampton’s independent cafe still needs a little bit of improvement, but in the meantime, Starbucks locations have been popping up all over the city. Not all are created equally, so here’s our roundup of the best locations in the city.

Starbucks Quarry Edge (52 Quarry Edge Drive)

Coffee shops and bookstores go together like white and rice, so naturally, this Starbucks gets major bonus points for having endless books at the ready. You’ll have to purchase them first of course, but it’s a great place to dig into a new book while sipping your latte.

Starbucks Downtown Brampton (8 Queen Street E.)

This location sees a lot of traffic and yet staff manages to stay efficient. The baristas are fantastic and know regulars by name. Its side patio with ample seating looks onto Garden Square, so in the summer months you can enjoy your iced coffee and whatever action is happening in the square. It’s also situated in a historic building so it has a rustic feel.

Starbucks Beech Street (190 Queen Street E.)

This is one of the city’s newest Starbucks locations so it’s still a bit under the radar (until this post, anyway). It’s usually quiet, not too busy, and staff are always willing to go above and beyond. It has a nice big window that brings in natural light and there’s lots of seating to suit any mood — booths, tables, and high tops. If you’re on the go there’s also a drive-through.

Starbucks Bramalea City Centre (50 Peel Centre Dr.)

This Starbucks is a popular one, so you’ll often find it full of people working away and having meetings. It’s brightly lit with lots of seating and an outdoor patio as well. Its external location is not ideal if you’re at the mall and looking to grab and go, but it’s great for hunkering down to get some work done.

Starbucks Worthington Avenue (17 Worthington Ave.)

This Starbucks has rave reviews and for good reason. It has lots of comfy seating, fantastic baristas and a cute little outdoor patio for warm days.

Did we miss any good Starbucks locations? Let us know in the comments.