It’s that time of year again where gyms across the city begin to see fresh faces, with a lust to shed the holiday pounds weighing heavy on everyone’s minds. Getting through the gym doors is one thing, but ensuring those doors don’t close behind you after the first visit is another.

An ideal workout environment has beautiful, well-kept facilities, ample workout equipment and class offerings, convenient hours and locations, and friendly staff.

Below is a breakdown of LA Fitness location across Brampton based on amenities available, equipment, cleanliness and more.

Brampton NW (Premier Plus)

225 Fletcher’s Creek Blvd
(905) 454-1991

Amenities: 9/10

Basketball court, Kids Club, Group Fitness Classes, Personal training, Indoor Cycling, Sauna, Indoor Pool, Hot tub, Juice bar

Equipment efficiency: 8/10

Pro: Well maintained machines that are equipped with newer technology, for example personal televisions on the treadmills and ellipticals

Con: Not enough cardio machines during busy times

Cleanliness of the gym overall: 8/10

Pro: The cleaning staff is constantly seen cleaning whether it is at the gym floor, front desk or bathrooms

Con: More attention needs to be paid to the cleaning of the hot tub and the enforcement of proper attire in the pool area

Locker Room/Bathrooms: 8/10

Pro: Clean with lots of space for lockers

Con: Not enough shower stalls during busy gym hours

Women’s only section: 7/10

Pro: Separate weight rack for women’s only section, quite a few cardio machines and mat space to do stretches

Con: Room can get crowded during busy hours

Overall: 8/10

Brampton North (Premier Plus)

2959 Bovaird Drive East
(905) 789-6257

Amenities: 8/10

Basketball court, Kids Club, Group Fitness Classes, Personal training, Indoor Cycling, Sauna, Indoor Pool

Equipment efficiency: 7/10

Pro: Array of machines to choose for beginners to regular gym members in addition to multiple loose weights

Con: There is a tendency of the treadmills and ellipticals not all being operational

Cleanliness of the gym overall: 5/10 on the good days

Pro: This location now has a Gym Supervisor who helps to ensure the gym is maintained and that equipment is placed back accordingly

Con: This is a high traffic location that doesn’t have efficient up keep in relation to the number of members who visit the gym daily

Locker Room/Bathrooms: 6/10

Pro: Big change room with lots of locker storage to handle multiple gym members at the same time

Con: Cleanliness, more can be done to ensure shower stalls and change rooms overall are cleaned daily – 7 days a week.

Women’s only section: 6/10

Pro: The location has a women’s only room, which is beneficial to those who may not want to work out in a group setting

Con: The room is quite small and a separate weight rack is required for this room and mats

Overall: 6/10

Brampton South (Premier Plus)

539 Steeles Avenue East
(905) 452-7800

Amenities: 7/10

Group Fitness Classes, Indoor cycling, Kids Club, Personal training, Sauna, Juice Bar

Equipment efficiency: 8/10

Pro: Lots of equipment available for individuals of various fitness levels

Con: The layout of the equipment can be overwhelming for new visitors. No women’s only area for members looking to workout in a more private setting

Cleanliness of the gym overall: 7/10

Pro: Reasonably clean gym with good up keep and maintenance of equipment, recently renovated

Con: More sanitary stations needed for gym members to wipe down machines after use

Locker Room/Bathrooms: 7/10

Pro: Reasonably clean change rooms

Con: A bit smaller layout compared to other LA fitness locker rooms.

Overall: 7/10

Which LA Fitness locations do you frequent?

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