Brampton has a plethora of yoga studios and no shortage of residents to to get into the flow of it.

It is easier than ever to get into a yoga class in Brampton with all these great studios to choose from. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just beginning your journey, Brampton has great studios to choose from. Here are some of those Brampton studios in no particular order!

1. Moksha Yoga

If hot yoga is your thing, this is the place for you. If you’re a Brampton resident, you’ve likely heard of the amazingness that is Moksha Yoga. The studio has a program called “energy exchange” where in exchange for your time volunteering at the studio, you get free yoga classes. Volunteer commitment is about two – four hours a week and your job will be to keep the studio lookin’ its best! Moksha is not always hiring but it’s worth it to check every now and again.

Intro month: $50 for unlimited classes

2. 5 Elements Yoga & Pilates Studio

Located in The Old Shoe Factory in downtown Brampton, 5 Elements has an awesome vibe. The building itself is rustic and the inside is neat. This funky studio offers yoga, Pilates, and Pilates Fusion classes which mix yoga and athletics. One of my favourite things about this studio is that it offers room temperature yoga classes – some people can take the heat, but I am not one of them.

Intro month: $40 for unlimited classes

3. Ignite Evolution Fitness

This fitness studio offers different types of Pilates and yoga classes including AcroYoga – cool right?! It offers great introductory classes and gentler courses for those of who want to take it slow. Ignite also offers classes sure to kick your butt. There seems to be a class for everyone at this unique studio.

Intro month: $50 (tax included) for unlimited classes

4. Hot Yoga Wellness

If you couldn’t tell from the name, this studio offers hot yoga classes. But, it also offers so much more than that! A few services include Chinese medicine, reflexology, registered massages and nutritional services. If you’re itching to get into a yoga studio, Hot Yoga Wellness probably has a class running as you’re reading this (or very soon).

Intro month: $40 for unlimited classes

5. Indian Yoga

This studio offers hot and non-heated yoga classes and is great for both beginners and intermediate yogis. You can expect a serene environment perfect for yoga. A really cool class offered is the “charity non-heated yoga class.” It’s a volunteer donation class, what’s better than giving back?

Intro month: $40 for unlimited classes

Brampton has so many yoga studios. Did we miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!