April 20, 2022

By Nikki Cedrone

Bring up the topic of ghosts, goblins or the paranormal and most people think of horror movies, scary stories and Halloween. But for those who have an interest in ghosts and ghouls, the paranormal isn’t confined to watching a move or one night of trick or treating. In fact, ghosts and paranormal activity are a year round event – the undead don’t rest after all!

Every town has its share of local legends, creepy old buildings and cemeteries that locals swear are haunted.

Stories born from tragedy and loss and still offer interest and intrigue to those who dare to learn about them.

While many of the original buildings have long since been torn down and replaced, the underlying activity “lives” on.

Brampton’s Steve Collie, better known as The Ghost Guy and operates After Dark Tours, says there are a lot of haunted places and ghosts to explore in our city and often invites non-believers to take a tour and see for themselves. Steve is a Brampton resident who volunteers on Brampton’s Historic Board where his knowledge and historical expertise helps pass on and preserves Brampton’s interesting history. He describes himself as a spiritual person who believes there’s something beyond our world.

Steve says he has seen ghosts but not in Brampton – yet!

But he says he has experienced their presence.

Much of Brampton’s paranormal activity is located in the older sections of downtown Brampton where some of the city’s oldest buildings still stand. The buildings offer an interesting historical background in addition to the potential for experiencing a sighting. Other buildings may have been torn down but their unsettled spirits may still carry on.

Brampton resident experiences have included ghost sightings, hearing strange and unsettling sounds, an uncomfortable presence, and even a grim reaper!

Head out for a unique night on the town and find out.

Steve’s After Dark Tours start at Gage Park’s Bandshell where participants will meet before touring Downtown Brampton’s haunted locations.

It is a unique and entertaining way to spend 2 hours learning a little more about our great city; and if you’re lucky, you may even get a scare or two!

For more information check out his website.