Feb 21, 2015

MP Brown vowed to follow Bill Davis’s approach to labour and attack his own party’s Bill 377.

Patrick Brown, an MP for the riding of Barrie said the party should return to its roots as a party founded by Bill Davis.

He said, “It is divisive and unproductive.” and how seemingly, the party is on the wrong track. 

He believes that “We need to return to Bill Davis’s roots.” As Davis was responsible for Ontario’s most progressive labour lawmaking. 

He said Hudak and Harper had distanced themselves from this legacy.  He even called out his own fellow Conservative MPs. 

Brown stated that he opposes Bill C-377 presented by his colleague Pierre Poilievre. 

After listening to local firefighters and police. He feels pushed to speak out.

Labour organizations were required to provide greater detail in their public financial disclosures under Bill C-377, including all transactions exceeding $5,000.

A large number of unions have condemned the bills, claiming they create an unfair reporting burden and make it nearly impossible for workers to unionize.

Team Bramptonist