February is Black History Month, and many organizations have taken the opportunity to raise awareness by sharing their experiences, stories, and culture with the community. For example, the Peel Art Gallery and Museum Archives (PAMA) has been posting webinars for free. 


On Saturday, February 20th, the North Peel Community Church located at 6060 King St. hosted a webinar spotlighting members of the Church and their experiences and stories from the Church’s founding to today. The stories included struggles that had to be overcome and the successes they celebrated.

Established in 1871 and built initially as St. Mark’s Anglican Church, the Church was purchased by Bishop Ronald and Pastor Claudette Kelly in 1983 to serve a growing community.  The congregation started worshiping at Pastor Kelly’s home before moving to a bowling alley and eventually purchasing the current building that was officially opened for worship in 1988. 

The Church has since continued to serve generations of families and build a significant role in the community by actively bringing together youth and the elderly and supporting community events, athletics, and other related social activities.

Their motto is goodwill, service, and honesty.

The next event being promoted by the North Peel Community Church is advertised for next Saturday, February 27th.

While Covid 19 has undoubtedly created challenges for a community that relies on people coming together to worship, the Church has been able to leverage technology to keep the community engaged. Zoom meetings have become the norm, and although technology has had its challenges, the Church has been able to connect its congregation not just locally but globally. People from all over the world have now been able to join their Sunday services remotely.

Covid 19 has also led to new opportunities and relationships to develop through virtual meetings, especially between the youth and the elderly who have found new areas to work together with the younger members teaching seniors how to use new technology.