October 15, 2022


Brampton Mayoral Candidate Bob Dosanjh Singh is ahead of competitor Nikki Kaur for 2nd place in Brampton’s 2022 Mayor Race.

A poll conducted by Mainstreet Research shows Dosanjh ekes out Kaur with 11% of the vote in contrast to Kaur’s 10.8%.

Dosanjh has run an effective campaign highlighting being “a proud husband, father of three, business owner, and resident of Brampton”. He has used social media and video content to put forward his proposals and the differences between his platform and other candidates’ policies.

Dosanjh has shown a sharp contrast between himself and his closest competitor Nikki Kaur, an outsider from Hamilton, Ontario, who recently had sought the federal Conservative nomination in Hamilton-East Stoney Creek. In recent months, Kaur was found to have cost the taxpayers of Brampton over $1 million when she made false allegations that were later proven unsubstantiated against senior leaders at City Hall.

Some of Dosanjh’s key campaign pillars include an effort to “Tackle crime in our communities”, and “Deliver basic and major city services”. He also recommends that the City again review the Brampton University matters, which Nikki Kaur oversaw during her time as a senior Director at City Hall. Dosanjh makes it clear that Kaur should lose her job at City Hall.

Brampton’s Mayor’s includes 6 candidates for the role: current Mayor Patrick Brown, Bob Dosanjh, Nikki Kaur, Prabh Kaur Mand, Tony Moracci, and Vidya Sagar Gautam. Residents head to the polls on October 24, and can vote in advance this weekend.

Details on voting locations is available on the City’s website.