September 9, 2022

(Photo: Brampton mayoralty candidate Bob Singh Dosanjh)

Bob Dosanjh Singh describes himself as a proud Canadian, business owner, and resident of Brampton.

It comes to no surprise that the popular political activist Bob Singh Dosanjh has decided to enter the race to become Brampton’s next Mayor. As the owner and host of Sanjha Punjab Radio and TV, Dosanjh has been following and commenting on local politics for a quite some time. And given the political theatrics occurring at City Hall the past two terms, the local celebrity continues to have a lot to say.

If elected, he would be the face of diversity, as Brampton’s first South Asian and Canadian Head of Council.

Due to his popularity, activism in the local community, and strong following, many political strategists consider Bob Singh Dosanjh as the only challenger who can compete with the incumbent Mayor Patrick Brown.

In his campaign literature, Dosanjh vows to clean up the corruption at City Hall.

Bob Singh Dosanjh also aims to restore financial accountability at Brampton City Hall. In a recent twitter post, Dosanjh identified city hall insiders, accusing Mayor Brown of giving contracts to his friends. However, the independent forensic auditors Deloitte investigated and concluded that all procurement practices followed City policies and procedures.

He also described municipal employee, Hamilton Conservative candidate, and fellow mayoralty candidate Nikki Kaur as “…wasting over $1 million on investigating fake allegations against her political rivals”. In one of the allegations, Nikki Kaur claimed that she was bullied by Councillor Santos. Brampton’s Integrity Commissioner investigated the allegation and concluded that there was “…no finding that Councillor Santos bullied or harassed the staff member.” The investigation was paid by Brampton’s taxpayers.

Second in the polls, Bob Singh Dosanjh wants to make the City more affordable to Bramptonians and promises to improve municipal services, such as public transit, policing, healthcare and upgrades to infrastructure.

Dosanjh has arranged an event this Sunday, September 11 at 2 pm to give further details on this platform with the campaign slogan “Let’s Get Brampton Working Again”. You can sign up to receive more information at BobForMayor.