Remember the days of the book fair at school? The wonderful world of books and stickers and fun? Well the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) is bringing this experience to Brampton, and this time it’s not just for kids.

The first-ever Brampton Book Bash is part of Culture Days and takes place on September 30 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the City Hall Atrium during the Farmers’ Market. The building has washrooms and is accessible–and parking is free on the weekends in the parking garages–so everyone is welcome.

The FOLD’s Brampton Book Bash will “provide a new opportunity for more storytellers and story-telling organizations to reach Brampton’s diverse community and network with one another”.

There will also be readings and performances so it isn’t just shopping for books, it’s also a literary experience here in Brampton.

So whether you like to read, or whether you know people who do, be there and make sure you leave with lots of new book treasures.

Interested? Check out the Facebook event page and let everyone know you’re going.