Boozey Cupcake Shop Opening at Bramalea City Centre

Boozey cupcake company Tipsy Treats is bringing their popular treats to the masses with a new shop opening at Bramalea City centre.

Tipsy Treats has become a huge hit across the GTA by infusing delicious sweet treats like cupcakes and chocolate-covered strawberries with shots of alcohol.

The treats are custom-made depending on what clients want. They can infuse your cupcakes and strawberries with over 20 types of alcohol, from Bacardi Rum to Bailey’s.

For the past few years, Tipsy Treats has done business through deliveries, so this will be their first official shop in the GTA. Their treats are so popular, they’re creating buzz in Brampton and beyond. The tasty treats even made an appearance at NBA All-Star Weekend, so it’s safe to say that it was probably consumed by some pretty high profile people.

The Brampton location will open on April 1 at Bramalea City centre across from Sears on the lower level of the mall.


For more information about Tipsy Treats check out their website by clicking here.