October 7, 2022

(Photo: Ayrison Ahilraj and his three published books)

Ayrison Ahilraj published his first story at the age of 5.

He has been inspiring young writers and sharing his stories with other children at schools, local libraries and Early Year Centers.

He has published 3 books at this young age and working on his 4th. His stories are educational, interactive and fun. Ayrison has done a read aloud of his book “Have You Seen My Animal Friends?”, as part of Brampton Library’s Culture Days in 2021.


Ayrison Ahilraj and his sister Ava

Ayrison reads in front of classes in Brampton and has some author visits booked in the next year. He’s got plans for two more books in the works.

“I want to write a novel one day,” he told CityNews.

The boy’s parents share how Ayrison came to have a love of writing on his website, they explained, “He loves to read and express his imagination through his stories. He enjoys building, playing sports, and the piano. He loves to travel and explore new cultures and languages. He speaks English, French and Tamil.

He showed a great interest in writing at such a young age, however he would be nervous and shy when it came to presenting his stories in front of anyone. To overcome his fear of public speaking and to encourage his writing, we decided to publish his stories. We were able to take him for author visits and have him share his book and love for literacy with other children.”

You can buy Ayrison’s books online on Amazon.