Bramalea City Centre Is Getting Some Unique New Pop-Up Stores

Bramalea City Centre (BCC) is launching a new initiative that will introduce curated retail spaces to the mall through a pop-up project.

The online retail market is challenging shopping centres across the country and around the world, with many consumers now flocking to Amazon and other online e-commerce sites for their shopping needs.

It’s not all bleak though: shopping mall owners are learning to shift and adapt to what the market wants, creating spaces within malls where consumers can shop, dine and be entertained. Successful malls are making going to the mall more of an experience rather than a chore.

This is where BCC’s new pop-up project comes in.

In the near future, you can expect events and activations inside the mall as well as a mix of unique businesses among BCC’s existing retail landscape to offer shoppers the opportunity to explore new brands and products. Maybe Brampton will finally get some of those awesome retail pop-up shops that seem to happen every week in Toronto.

“Our goal is to bring creative and innovative opportunities to Bramalea City Centre”, says Christina Mossa, Specialty Leasing Manager at BCC. “We want to reward visitors with new and exciting experiences. It’s good news for our loyal long-term tenants as well, who will reap the benefits of this project by leveraging the buzz and increased foot traffic it will create.”

It all sounds pretty exciting, and it’s fitting for Ontario’s fourth largest enclosed retail shopping centre. Yorkdale Mall and Eaton Centre regularly do pop-ups, often bringing in local designers, artisans and restaurants. It could give local brands who can’t necessarily afford long-term rent in the mall the opportunity to grow their customer bases.

Bramalea City Centre is partnering with Pop-Up Go to bring in the new activations and pop-up shops. There’s no official launch date as of this writing, but BCC is accepting proposals from brands and companies interested in taking advantage of upcoming opportunities.

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