Brampton Actor Takes on Sundance Film Festival

13-year-old Brampton actor Peter DaCunha took on Sundance Film Festival this week starring in highly anticipated horror anthology XX.

XX is a quartet of horror stories by an all-female lineup of directors. The movie premiered at Sundance on Monday January 23.

DaCumba plays one of the leading roles in The Box, directed by Jovanka Vuckovic and filmed in Toronto.

The Box opens on a crowded TTC train. Danny Jacobs, played by DaCunha is on his way home with his mother and sister after a busy day.

The family sits next to an odd man holding a large, colourfully wrapped present. At Danny’s curiosity, the man offers a peek inside. A series of frightening events follow.

“When its a short movie, ti takes a lot of skill to get the story across to the audience in such a limited time. Everyone has to work together well to pull it off,” says DaCunha.
All of the films in the anthology have one thing in common, they were written by women, directed by women and star women in key roles.
Also hailing from the area is Toronto-based director of the The Box, Jovanka Vuckovi.
“It was created in direct response to the lack of opportunities for women in film, particularly in the horror genre,” Vuckovi told the Toronto Star.
You can catch The Box and the rest of the films in XX on the big screen starting February 17.