Out of all the jobs available to people in Brampton, perhaps the most enticing is that of an “animal snuggler.” What a time to be alive!

Brampton Animal Services offers volunteer opportunities for those interested in animal socialization, a.k.a. “snuggling.” This includes cats, kittens, and small animals as well as dog walking. These opportunities are available to individuals aged 18 and over (or 16 and older with consent of a parent or guardian).

While there is no minimum commitment to be an animal cuddler, there is a mandatory 30 – 45 minutes volunteer orientation. Brampton Animal Services also asks that volunteers sign up for at least one shift every six months to keep up-to-date on changes at the shelter.

For those interested in volunteering, call Brampton Animal Services in February or March at 905-458-5800 to book a spot. Orientations usually fill up a month or so in advance, and even more so in the spring and summer months. Volunteers should arrive about 10 – 15 minutes before their appointment to fill out required paperwork and forms.

While these volunteer “animal snuggler” positions are unpaid, there is the chance that they can apply towards volunteer hours for co-op or college programs or for documented hours for high school or court requirements.

Please contact Brampton Animal Services for more information.