Brampton Animal Services offers pet adoption and even has an animal cuddling program. They also have an animal fostering program and they are currently seeking new foster pet parents.

Animal Services always has pets looking for forever homes, but they also want volunteers to act as foster parents and provide temporary homes for animals. Volunteers can foster kittens, adult cats, and dogs by providing a home for them until they are ready for adoption.

It’s a great opportunity for anyone considering pet ownership to see what it would be like to have a pet companion before making a permanent commitment.

The shelter often receives animals who have been abused, neglected, injured or which have been homeless and who need a little bit of extra care. This is where dedicated fosters come in. Fosters can provide one-on-one attention to animals in need in their own home.

Animal Services says the shelter can sometimes be a stressful environment for animals, and some, especially those that have been injured or abused, can benefit from a more peaceful environment as they try to recover.

Anyone who wants to commit to being a pet foster parent can fill out an application by emailing or calling Brampton Animal Services at 905-458-5800. Potential volunteers can also stop into their location at 475 Chrysler Drive.

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