Are you ready for a battle of epic proportions? The fight is finally coming to Brampton! Art Battle is live competitive painting to the death! (Okay not really to the death). Artists compete in three 20 minute rounds of painting to create their best work in the allotted time frame. The Art Battle experience is very much an interactive one with audience members moving around to view each artist’s creative process. Artists wield paint brushes, fingers, palette knives and any other non-mechanical objects to create their pieces. Ultimately, the fate of each artist lies in the hands of the audience, who vote to decide the champion .Audience members can also bid in a silent auction to take home their favourite work of art.

Art Battle is currently in it’s 5th season. It started in British Columbia and has spread like wildfire across Canada the United States and Europe. Art Battle Brampton will take place over the course of 4 events:

March 12th 2015
April 9th 2015
May 14th 2015
June 11th 2015

The ultimate winner will go on to paint in the Art Battle National Championships taking place this summer! Are you ready to take part in this battle?! Join the artists on the four dates specified at:

Spot One Brampton
289 Rutherford Road South, Brampton, ON L6W 3R9
(905) 456-0422

Come out and s

Support the local arts community in Brampton and purchase your ticket here.