The talent and quality of artists hailing from Brampton are indisputable based on the impact some are making in the music industry.

One such artist, Derin Falana, has been topping some charts lately. In just one week Falana has been featured on Apple Music’s Breaking Hip Hop playlist which features other known names like Tyler The Creator, K-os and Lil’ Wayne.

He’s also featured on Spotify’s Northern Bars, a curated 80-song playlist featuring hip hop coming out of Canada. Falana’s song “Say You Love Me” is number one on the playlist, and he also snagged the cover image.

Following up on his most recent song “End of Summer Freestyle”, Falana’s track “Say You Love Me”, features a piano-based instrumental back track which starts off with a stripped down, subdued sound before the percussion kicks in. The lyrics are emotional, touching on various topics about life.

“Say You Love Me” is one of a handful of tracks the artist released this year and he says there’s more new music on the way.