What could possibly be better than the combination of cupcakes and booze? Brampton native Missy B. Mandani has started her own business, Tipsy Treats, a dessert company that infuses alcohol into cupcakes and strawberries!

In high school, Mandani says she was always fascinated by the injectors they used in science class and it sparked the genius idea that is Tipsy Treats.

“I thought to myself ‘why don’t I put liquor in that and then infuse it into a cake or a fruit of something?’ So, I started doing that for my family and friends.”

The treats ended up being a huge hit. In 2012, after seeing how much everyone loved her creations, she decided to take to the web and started Instagramming. After only posting a couple of photos she started to generate buzz and was getting orders placed the same day. Since then, Instagram and word-of-mouth have been her main marketing platforms.


The treats are completely customizable. You can choose whichever cupcake flavour or strawberry topping you want and even what kind of alcohol you’d like infused into your treat. They have everything from Bacardi Rum to Sour Puss to Grey Goose — Mandani has a whole cold room full of liquor ready to go! There really is something for everyone and every occasion.

The alcohol is put into an infuser and then stuck into the treat for a visually appealing dessert. “The shot actually doesn’t go anywhere until you squeeze it. So you have the option of taking the shot separately or you can squeeze it into the cake or the strawberry. It’s totally up to you how you want to take the shot,” says Mandani.


One of the most popular Tipsy Treats is the Baileys infused chocolate cupcakes, but Mandani says her go-to is the Tequila Rose infused red velvet cupcakes.

Be sure to keep your eye out for new cake flavours! In the next couple months they will be adding different flavours, including mint chocolate and cookies & cream.

Right now, the company’s home base is in Brampton but there will soon be a shop opening up in Mississauga. If you’re a baker who likes to have a good time be sure to contact Mandani because she’s looking for cupcake artists for the new store!

Until the shop opens up, these Tipsy Treats can be delivered to your home if you live in the GTA or picked up in Brampton near Steeles and Financial Drive.

If you’re a bigger fan of attending parties rather than throwing them, you can find Tipsy Treats at different clubs around Toronto. In the past they have catered events such as All Star Weekend, 40z and Waffles and an event at Hudson’s Bay (Yorkdale).


“We have a lot of clubs reaching out to us … what they’re thinking of doing is including Tipsy Treats cupcakes in the party package for when people book a booth. So that’s up and coming as well,” says Mandani.

More tipsy treats are on the way too. As of right now the company only offers booze infused cupcakes and strawberries, but they will soon be adding Tipsy Ice Pops to the menu! These liquor infused freezies are sure to be a big hit so keep your eye on tipsystreats.ca for their official launch & store opening date.

If you’re looking to liven up your next barbeque, office get together, birthday or special occasion you can place your order through tipsytreats@live.ca or call (647) 295-6734. Since these liquor-infused treats are so popular it’s best to book at least two – three weeks in advance.

For the complete pricing & flavour list check out Tipsy Treats’ website here.